Reflections on the past: The Xanga years

Ok, today in costa my friend read out some of my old posts from a blog site called Xanga (I wont tell you my username for reasons that will become clear) that I wrote on from 2005 till 2007 when I swapped to Myspace (there may have been overlap I’ve not checked).

Hearing them I could of convinced myself that they were written by some angsty teenager, rather than my 25 year old self. Girls, pills, interviews and how society hated me and itself. Technically everything was true and accurate, I didn’t have many successful dates, society is falling to pieces and I can’t get my meds fixed but there’s no need to get so worked up about it that your prose sounds like could have been written by someone who only just learned to shave.

Allot seems to happen in these years,

2 College courses (NC medical reception and HNC health and social care)

Several movies

Lots of falling in love with every girl I see (Did I say I sound like a teenager?)

Lots of fiddling with medication (My past self would not like to hear that he’d be on 16 pills a day by 2012)

God alone knows how many movies I see (I only mention the good ones I think), DVSs I watch or books I read (No books mentioned in the blog but I do have more information than the average reader)


My 20 something self needs to relax, yet my 30 something self probably need to be less so sometimes. But my past self really needed to remember a few little things, he listens to radio 4, visits national trust properties, has visited more parts of the world than the average person has and has an IQ of 137, you are not the average Joe and this is a good thing. None of use are the average Joe (of Jo) and should remember that the world treats us all differently because we are, one size doesn’t fit all.


Add summery paragraph for yourself, I think I used to be able to do this better.


Next I’ll do the Myspace years in it’s own blog, but I’ll give you a summery of the other stuff:

The Bebo years: colourful and a few pics. Nothing of substance that wasn’t coped from my myspace page.

MSN thingy – the face I’ve said thingy will tell you how much I used it.

Google+ – no, not using it I waste enough time with facebook

Twitter – Do I sound like someone who can write a sentence in 140 characters, 140 characters isn’t enough for me to introduce something. I feel sorry for the poor souls that mark my work, I really do.

Notes to previous self:

1. You will get the girl

2. Your voluntary jobs are fun and you know it

3 Don’t buy the girl with the dragon tattoo

4 Join audible earlier



About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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