New year’s resolutions, and the chances I’ll actually do it :)

Ok, I don’t usually make these things. But seeing as I’ve had a year that makes a sea in a hurricane look stable I think I will just this once.

First I’ll look at last year, well this year (unless your in australia in which case how is 2012?). One set of massive sesures and a 4-5 month recovery (bad), one cheat (gone), one bruised laptop (still working), one conference (awesome), new blog (neglected), health (full of runny noses), new class (full of nice people).

Ok so resolutions (with percentage chances, please place your bets now) or maybe a to do list.

1. No massive fits (ok so I can’t actually control this but I’m gonna hope)

2. Improve my health (80% chance, I was trying last year and the year before with some sucess and I can still swim two lengths of a pool at racing speed in 50 seconds, yes I am going to brag now and then it’s my blog and my list :P)

3. Learn my new classmates names (60%, I know some and can even put the names to faces. Sometimes even the right faces)

4. Flirt (100% chance, I’m a hopeless flirt. Maybe that should of been flirt better 🙂 )

5. Write my blog more than once a month (50%, yeah I used to write these as a form of catharsis, I’ve gotten out of the habbit. Maybe I’ll look back as some old ones and write some random craziness for you all once more.)

6. Write real to-do lists, I’ve seen the joy it brings to one of my friends and it might actually be useful  (Your guess is as good as mine%)

7. Get a date (see 6’s % and 4s explanation)

8. Buy a lightbulb. (I’ll let you fill this bit in yourselves)

9. Work our how to use twitter (40%, I’ve got an account, my blog appears on it. 140 characters for a person who loves long words for their own sake? hmmmm maybe that should be 4%)

11. Actually start an essay after I’ve read some of the stuff rather than make it up as I go along (3%, this system has worked for 10+ years, it might make the stress lowered though)

12. find out what happened to 10 (100%, I know what it is)

13. See more movies next year (100%)

14. Write more lists, I’m liking this list thing. (Insert your own % here)

15. er, er


About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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