Reasons for my happy mood

I seem to be cheery today. Despite my phone trying not to work, the sunshine lacking appearances and heat, and the appearance of very cheesy christmas music everywhere I go.


November is nearly over – yes soon it’ll be December where Christmas and not thinking about uni work shall happen. Well technically I don’t need to think of uni work just now anyways, but I’m thinking of those poor souls in my old year and my new class just now (ok so their suffering isn’t quite mine, but I can empathise).

Also with November passing it means my month of getting stared at more than usual is over, even if it is all in my head it’ll be over since my head knows it’s December and time to look at the pretty lights in the shapes of stars, snowflakes and odd shapes that I can’t quite work out but assume their things like santas and snowmen (My spell checker doesn’t seem to like the plural of santa, hmmm).

Oh what else, oh I have a nice placement for my course it’s ………., in …………. (Yeah you can fill it out if you want, but this is a public blog and that’s confidential info there, not getting into trouble).

Ok what else,

Ben and Jerry’s was on sale, always a thing to celebrate. Lots of chocolate too.

What else:

Oh yeah, keep getting compliments about the conference I helped organise, an inflating ego is a very nice thing.

And finally,

I just am in a good mood, no wind, rain, snoring cat, or even the council sending out a blanket letter about people blocking drains with baby wipes shall stop that.

This post is sponsored by amounts of coffee that would drown small countries. 😀


About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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