My poor neglected blog, and change.

Apparently someone looked at this last week. I’m not even sure when I last did that. Since I last wrote stuff they’ve changed the layout of this, facebook and blackboard (oh sorry GCU Learn).

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya, to make stuff harder for us to use by telling us that it’s a more intuitive setup. They lie, they lie allot and they don’t even lie well. I’m sure spring is the time for change not autum, unless they changed that.

Who are they I hear you ask? Ok maybe you don’t but I’m bored, watching QI and typing away to my heart’s content so I’ll try to work it out. They are them, there solved. For my next trick I’ll work out how to use a chip and pin system without using my head to block my number, or Twitter that might be more manageable 🙂

Ah yes Twitter, I’ve joined twitter and really don’t get it. 140 characters? Really? I’ve just used up a few thousand writting crap. On myspace there is still evidence on my musings about steak (I may reprint that one). I have to slash essays to fit into the wordcount (ok sometimes I have to insert padding that would impress a cushion manufacturer) so what chance do I have with 140 characters? None that’s how much. I may attach the blog to it though, hell by the time I’ve posted perhaps I have. Only you kind, deluded reader will know.

More new, well new to here material may follow shortly, or longly, or watch this space.  Yes that space just there.


About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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