It is said that the best thing about a holiday is getting home. I’m not sure if this is because we get to tell everyone about what we did, show off a tan, rub it in that we weren’t at work or just because we’ve actually exhausted our bodies to breaking point. But it may well be true.

I’ve just got back from two (well one holiday and one course which was to much fun to really class as a course if I’m honest) and I’m exsilerated, rejuvenated and suspect that maybe parts of me are as broken as my poor watch and belt that have both been retired due to overwork.


What is the purpose of a holiday anyway, to get away from things, then surely we wouldn’t go anywhere fun because that’s even more somewhere than the place we come from. I was in edinburgh and it was certainly more alive than most places I’ve been. Of course being there during the fringe meant that it was one of the weirder places on earth and you could probably get away with any number of eccentricity. In a place where people can pretend to be a statue, lie in a bed in the royal mile or hoola hoop with a girl they’ve only just met in front of a small audience it’s very hard to be considered different. Then again it wasn’t my usual routine of getting up, checking my mail and going for a walk, so is it getting out of a routine. Well I was getting up every morning at 7 last week so I could go hillwalking or climbing, so that quickly became a new routine. Ok so something different there then, and being the blind leading the blind was fun, I fell over and hurt allot but the person I was guiding never did. 🙂


Er so, now of the usual stuff applies ok, rest? Nope practically slept through most of Saturday (watched doctor who in my pjs). Hmmm, maybe I do it because I can and because it’s fun?



Yeah that’ll be it, and maybe a smattering of enjoyment in exhausting myself by pushing everything to it’s limits and seeing what happens. Well I have fun, meet new people and put my body through a workout that it hasn’t had since it was in it’s 20s.


So now do I learn from it all, do I exercise a little better, do I talk to people more, do I learn how to smile more often (seriously there are far to many pics of me almost grimacing), and do I write a little more regularly on here.


If you know the answers to the above please tell me. Otherwise stay tuned and find out with me. 😀 x


About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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