Don’t actually know what I’m writing in this one

Bordum is a very dangerious thing, something you will see if your silly enough to read further.


I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I joined an online dating site, I looked at it again today after a month or so of avoiding it. And you know something, it depressed me no end within seconds. If the alternative to this is being single the rest of my days, then I’ll settle for flirting with the occasional waitress/barmaid/poor girl who smiles at me any day.

I’m not sure which side of it’s worse, the fact I’m sifting through pictures and sending messages, or that everyone has to sell themselves. It just feels icky!!


Well enough of that, onto something else. Had lunch with a friend earlier in the week and a waitress apologised to them that they didn’t have a braille menu. At first glance quite a nice thing to do, the waitress had gone out of her way to check without being asked. Yes very nice, apart from one tiny tiny thing; unlike me my friend isn’t blind. She was apologising to her that she couldn’t get a menu I could read, well one she thought I could read as I haven’t practiced my braille in over a decade (very bad of me I know). Not the first time I’ve been out and someone talks to my friend about me rather than asking me, but certainly it is in the running for most surreal. Crazy thing is I didn’t tell her she should talk to me about it, instead I pointed out that really a large print one would be more useful. Then again the more surreal the incident the harder working out what to do is. Once I was congratulated for counting out the correct change, this is not an occasion that life prepares you for.


Life is indeed strange, for my next trick I shall use a computer or open a packet of crisps unaided (just don’t make it a packet of razor blades from Gillette or scissors, as that is really asking allot).

I also would like a cure to the common cold, a method of getting a cat to cook dinner and world peace (yeah I know the last one is asking allot).


🙂 x


About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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