The Important things in life!

I think I was a mobile phone away from burning myself to death tonight. I completely forgot I had put dinner on, luckily the phone’s timer reminded me.


So it has me thinking of the things you need to live.

Obviously friends and family, we all need those. A little love and happy in your life is a nesessity.

A mobile to stay in touch, and in my case stop me burning down a building.

A good cup of coffee, very important to keep your head awake. Gives you something to hold and drink while chatting to one of the friends/family above, see everything is intercenected.

A hobby or two, be it stamp collecting or skydiving you need something to do in your spare time or you might end up going mad and writing something like this. Personally I have a huge dvd collection and read lots and lots of books, and write this as some form of therapy or perhaps revenge. On whom you may ask, well I haven’t decided yet I must advertise for a decent Nemesis.

What else do we need, well somewhere to live I presume. You’d need somewhere to store all your crap, I have allot of that.


Pets, I’m a big fan of them. Cats are good, I have two and their plotting to take over the world, well all cats think it belongs to them anyway.


Nights out, yeah why not we’ll have them too. Dam this list is getting big.


Someone special, yes that too would be nice.


Hmmm, I’m sure there is something else we need. Something small. Oh it’ll come to me later.


Oh yeah money, anyone got any? I don’t!


About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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