Random thinking

I’m a rather bored person at the moment, so I thought (well a friend of mine suggested) that I start writing a blog again.

But what to fill one with, enlightened thought, deep political discussion or just the random crap that enters my head.


Hmm, tough choice. In the past I’ve discussed lunch, what I’ve learned from TV shows and movies and anything that entered my head. So that settles it, I’m just gonna write whatever random crap that come out, you should always stick to your strengths after all. There may be some deep philosophy in here somewhere, but you may have to look really hard for it.

So what to start with, err well life is dull and meaningless and in the end nothing matters you know. Alternatively life is full of cool stuff, pretty girls and homicidal cats. The second philosophical viewpoint is preferable isn’t it. Even if it means that little moggy is just waiting for the day it works out where the meat comes from and how to open those little pouches.

Moggy doesn’t seem to be a real word according to my computer, this is very sad. Mine are currently hiding and presumably plotting the overthrow of the government before they tax them, or cut funding to cats (I’m sure they’d try a fur tax if they could work it out).


Are you still reading? Oh you poor soul.


I’ll let you go now, I’m not that heartless.


I wonder what strange things I’ll end up writing next. I once wrote an advert for henchmen, that’s how bored I can get. Scary!


And now to find the post button. đŸ™‚


About andydwn

I'm a student, and I'm writing a blog to get all my random thoughts out on my head and into any unsuspecting reader's.
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