Reflections on the past: The Xanga years

Ok, today in costa my friend read out some of my old posts from a blog site called Xanga (I wont tell you my username for reasons that will become clear) that I wrote on from 2005 till 2007 when I swapped to Myspace (there may have been overlap I’ve not checked).

Hearing them I could of convinced myself that they were written by some angsty teenager, rather than my 25 year old self. Girls, pills, interviews and how society hated me and itself. Technically everything was true and accurate, I didn’t have many successful dates, society is falling to pieces and I can’t get my meds fixed but there’s no need to get so worked up about it that your prose sounds like could have been written by someone who only just learned to shave.

Allot seems to happen in these years,

2 College courses (NC medical reception and HNC health and social care)

Several movies

Lots of falling in love with every girl I see (Did I say I sound like a teenager?)

Lots of fiddling with medication (My past self would not like to hear that he’d be on 16 pills a day by 2012)

God alone knows how many movies I see (I only mention the good ones I think), DVSs I watch or books I read (No books mentioned in the blog but I do have more information than the average reader)


My 20 something self needs to relax, yet my 30 something self probably need to be less so sometimes. But my past self really needed to remember a few little things, he listens to radio 4, visits national trust properties, has visited more parts of the world than the average person has and has an IQ of 137, you are not the average Joe and this is a good thing. None of use are the average Joe (of Jo) and should remember that the world treats us all differently because we are, one size doesn’t fit all.


Add summery paragraph for yourself, I think I used to be able to do this better.


Next I’ll do the Myspace years in it’s own blog, but I’ll give you a summery of the other stuff:

The Bebo years: colourful and a few pics. Nothing of substance that wasn’t coped from my myspace page.

MSN thingy – the face I’ve said thingy will tell you how much I used it.

Google+ – no, not using it I waste enough time with facebook

Twitter – Do I sound like someone who can write a sentence in 140 characters, 140 characters isn’t enough for me to introduce something. I feel sorry for the poor souls that mark my work, I really do.

Notes to previous self:

1. You will get the girl

2. Your voluntary jobs are fun and you know it

3 Don’t buy the girl with the dragon tattoo

4 Join audible earlier


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New year’s resolutions, and the chances I’ll actually do it :)

Ok, I don’t usually make these things. But seeing as I’ve had a year that makes a sea in a hurricane look stable I think I will just this once.

First I’ll look at last year, well this year (unless your in australia in which case how is 2012?). One set of massive sesures and a 4-5 month recovery (bad), one cheat (gone), one bruised laptop (still working), one conference (awesome), new blog (neglected), health (full of runny noses), new class (full of nice people).

Ok so resolutions (with percentage chances, please place your bets now) or maybe a to do list.

1. No massive fits (ok so I can’t actually control this but I’m gonna hope)

2. Improve my health (80% chance, I was trying last year and the year before with some sucess and I can still swim two lengths of a pool at racing speed in 50 seconds, yes I am going to brag now and then it’s my blog and my list :P)

3. Learn my new classmates names (60%, I know some and can even put the names to faces. Sometimes even the right faces)

4. Flirt (100% chance, I’m a hopeless flirt. Maybe that should of been flirt better πŸ™‚ )

5. Write my blog more than once a month (50%, yeah I used to write these as a form of catharsis, I’ve gotten out of the habbit. Maybe I’ll look back as some old ones and write some random craziness for you all once more.)

6. Write real to-do lists, I’ve seen the joy it brings to one of my friends and it might actually be useful Β (Your guess is as good as mine%)

7. Get a date (see 6’s % and 4s explanation)

8. Buy a lightbulb. (I’ll let you fill this bit in yourselves)

9. Work our how to use twitter (40%, I’ve got an account, my blog appears on it. 140 characters for a person who loves long words for their own sake? hmmmm maybe that should be 4%)

11. Actually start an essay after I’ve read some of the stuff rather than make it up as I go along (3%, this system has worked for 10+ years, it might make the stress lowered though)

12. find out what happened to 10 (100%, I know what it is)

13. See more movies next year (100%)

14. Write more lists, I’m liking this list thing. (Insert your own % here)

15. er, er

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Reasons for my happy mood

I seem to be cheery today. Despite my phone trying not to work, the sunshine lacking appearances and heat, and the appearance of very cheesy christmas music everywhere I go.


November is nearly over – yes soon it’ll be December where Christmas and not thinking about uni work shall happen. Well technically I don’t need to think of uni work just now anyways, but I’m thinking of those poor souls in my old year and my new class just now (ok so their suffering isn’t quite mine, but I can empathise).

Also with November passing it means my month of getting stared at more than usual is over, even if it is all in my head it’ll be over since my head knows it’s December and time to look at the pretty lights in the shapes of stars, snowflakes and odd shapes that I can’t quite work out but assume their things like santas and snowmen (My spell checker doesn’t seem to like the plural of santa, hmmm).

Oh what else, oh I have a nice placement for my course it’s ………., in …………. (Yeah you can fill it out if you want, but this is a public blog and that’s confidential info there, not getting into trouble).

Ok what else,

Ben and Jerry’s was on sale, always a thing to celebrate. Lots of chocolate too.

What else:

Oh yeah, keep getting compliments about the conference I helped organise, an inflating ego is a very nice thing.

And finally,

I just am in a good mood, no wind, rain, snoring cat, or even the council sending out a blanket letter about people blocking drains with baby wipes shall stop that.

This post is sponsored by amounts of coffee that would drown small countries. πŸ˜€

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My poor neglected blog, and change.

Apparently someone looked at this last week. I’m not even sure when I last did that. Since I last wrote stuff they’ve changed the layout of this, facebook and blackboard (oh sorry GCU Learn).

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya, to make stuff harder for us to use by telling us that it’s a more intuitive setup. They lie, they lie allot and they don’t even lie well. I’m sure spring is the time for change not autum, unless they changed that.

Who are they I hear you ask? Ok maybe you don’t but I’m bored, watching QI and typing away to my heart’s content so I’ll try to work it out. They are them, there solved. For my next trick I’ll work out how to use a chip and pin system without using my head to block my number, or Twitter that might be more manageable πŸ™‚

Ah yes Twitter, I’ve joined twitter and really don’t get it. 140 characters? Really? I’ve just used up a few thousand writting crap. On myspace there is still evidence on my musings about steak (I may reprint that one). I have to slash essays to fit into the wordcount (ok sometimes I have to insert padding that would impress a cushion manufacturer) so what chance do I have with 140 characters? None that’s how much. I may attach the blog to it though, hell by the time I’ve posted perhaps I have. Only you kind, deluded reader will know.

More new, well new to here material may follow shortly, or longly, or watch this space. Β Yes that space just there.

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It is said that the best thing about a holiday is getting home. I’m not sure if this is because we get to tell everyone about what we did, show off a tan, rub it in that we weren’t at work or just because we’ve actually exhausted our bodies to breaking point. But it may well be true.

I’ve just got back from two (well one holiday and one course which was to much fun to really class as a course if I’m honest) and I’m exsilerated, rejuvenated and suspect that maybe parts of me are as broken as my poor watch and belt that have both been retired due to overwork.


What is the purpose of a holiday anyway, to get away from things, then surely we wouldn’t go anywhere fun because that’s even more somewhere than the place we come from. I was in edinburgh and it was certainly more alive than most places I’ve been. Of course being there during the fringe meant that it was one of the weirder places on earth and you could probably get away with any number of eccentricity. In a place where people can pretend to be a statue, lie in a bed in the royal mile or hoola hoop with a girl they’ve only just met in front of a small audience it’s very hard to be considered different. Then again it wasn’t my usual routine of getting up, checking my mail and going for a walk, so is it getting out of a routine. Well I was getting up every morning at 7 last week so I could go hillwalking or climbing, so that quickly became a new routine. Ok so something different there then, and being the blind leading the blind was fun, I fell over and hurt allot but the person I was guiding never did. πŸ™‚


Er so, now of the usual stuff applies ok, rest? Nope practically slept through most of Saturday (watched doctor who in my pjs). Hmmm, maybe I do it because I can and because it’s fun?



Yeah that’ll be it, and maybe a smattering of enjoyment in exhausting myself by pushing everything to it’s limits and seeing what happens. Well I have fun, meet new people and put my body through a workout that it hasn’t had since it was in it’s 20s.


So now do I learn from it all, do I exercise a little better, do I talk to people more, do I learn how to smile more often (seriously there are far to many pics of me almost grimacing), and do I write a little more regularly on here.


If you know the answers to the above please tell me. Otherwise stay tuned and find out with me. πŸ˜€ x

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Don’t actually know what I’m writing in this one

Bordum is a very dangerious thing, something you will see if your silly enough to read further.


I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I joined an online dating site, I looked at it again today after a month or so of avoiding it. And you know something, it depressed me no end within seconds. If the alternative to this is being single the rest of my days, then I’ll settle for flirting with the occasional waitress/barmaid/poor girl who smiles at me any day.

I’m not sure which side of it’s worse, the fact I’m sifting through pictures and sending messages, or that everyone has to sell themselves. It just feels icky!!


Well enough of that, onto something else. Had lunch with a friend earlier in the week and a waitress apologised to them that they didn’t have a braille menu. At first glance quite a nice thing to do, the waitress had gone out of her way to check without being asked. Yes very nice, apart from one tiny tiny thing; unlike me my friend isn’t blind. She was apologising to her that she couldn’t get a menu I could read, well one she thought I could read as I haven’t practiced my braille in over a decade (very bad of me I know). Not the first time I’ve been out and someone talks to my friend about me rather than asking me, but certainly it is in the running for most surreal. Crazy thing is I didn’t tell her she should talk to me about it, instead I pointed out that really a large print one would be more useful. Then again the more surreal the incident the harder working out what to do is. Once I was congratulated for counting out the correct change, this is not an occasion that life prepares you for.


Life is indeed strange, for my next trick I shall use a computer or open a packet of crisps unaided (just don’t make it a packet of razor blades from Gillette or scissors, as that is really asking allot).

I also would like a cure to the common cold, a method of getting a cat to cook dinner and world peace (yeah I know the last one is asking allot).


πŸ™‚ x

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Rules to live life by

There are many important things to remember when walking around every day. There are many things that one should and should not do, of course if you can’t help yourself then make sure you don’t get caught.


Things to do.Β 

Be nice – it infuriates horrible people.

Always smile – It makes nice people happy and nasty people wonder what your up to and going to do to them.

Be sociable – then you’ll have more friends than the nasty person.

Have no living enemies

Know where the bodies are burred – se previous point.

Think before you talk – that way when you insult people, you’ll get it right and those quotes you have from Oscar Wilde or P.G. Woodhouse or whoever will sound right.

Drink coffee/tea/hot chocolate slowly – the stuff is nice and should be savoured.

Eat breakfast – I’m told it’s the most important meal of the day.

Eat lunch – This is the fun one, you can have it with friends while watching the world go by.

Go people watching – it’s fun but don’t stare, the not staring will be hard though.

Read a few books – doesn’t matter what kind, fiction/non-fiction hell even the phone book will broaden your horizons (for a start it will give you a way of making lots of new friends).

Always be nice to the person serving you food – what things would you do to the irritating git who’s been insulting when you have access to their dinner.



Things not to do

Walk through 6 ft tall blind men – this will hurt you more than me, it will only irritate me. Unless your the 5th person that day in which case it’ll hurt me more.

Talk to a gril’s chest – this will end in pain!

Forget to eat – this isn’t good and leads to friends talking sternly to you.

Pretend to be thick – it’s annoying

Forget birthdays – this is bad

Get caught

Overcook pasta – this should be a capital offence

Cook a bad steak – this shouldn’t just be punishable by death, but possibly be the grounds to erase you from existence. Steak is very important and that poor cow gave up it’s life for you to have a nice meal.

Have your phone able to ring in the cinema – do this to often and there is a special place in hell booked for you!

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